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What is the world’s response to 5G

Consumers’ needs are different than they were a few years ago in terms of their need to buy a new smartphone. Previously and for several years, the average consumer would decide to upgrade their mobile device to a newer one that would offer a faster processor, longer battery life or some other features, whatever, that would make surfing the web an easier task.

But the facts have changed since smartphone camera upgrades have become more impressive and consumer demands have increased. Nowadays, especially the younger ones are interested in the camera features of mobile phones more than any other technical features. This has resulted in a decline in the sales of smartphones as the demands have also decreased.

With the expansion of the 5G network, it was hoped by manufacturers that the stats would be more promising since consumers would turn to buying devices that support 5G connectivity, but the results once again are not as expected with a prediction that sales will drop by around $134 billion over the next few years.

As is obvious the risk is not in the high-end smartphone brands such as Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi but in the smaller ones, as surveys show Europeans change mobile devices every 3.5 years or so while in the US every 2 years figures have dropped by 25% since 2016.


Author: Vlachogiannis L. George.

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