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Safe ways for online shopping

Every day, we make use of the internet to shop without fear. We also stay protected from any potential threats by using advanced security software. The following pieces of advice could help you stay safe online.

  • Some phishers are trying to present their attack messages as security alerts, insinuating that the user has been hacked. Keep an alert eye on your inbox to avoid any surprises!

  • You should refrain from clicking on links you receive from unknown sources or suspicious-looking links. It’s best to adhere to a strict policy of not clicking on defacing messages that could potentially harm you.

  • Don’t just throw away your passwords when you’ve connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot while paying over the internet. Hacked networks allow other people to “listen” in and steal your sensitive data.

  • Be wary of entering any personal information onto unfamiliar websites and make sure that the website is legitimate. Fake websites may look similar to real ones when it comes to appearance.

  • Only use websites that run on a secure connection – the website address should start with HTTPS: .

  • Just because your business asks for lots of information from you, doesn’t mean you have to provide all of it. For example, if they need a list of products they might be satisfied with the ones on the list or those how are displayed on their website.

  • Don’t always be afraid to call your bank or payment company for support. They are familiar with security issues, as is their job after all. And when in doubt, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


Author: Vlachogiannis L. George

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