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WeTransfer is an internet-based computer file transfer application that lets you email large files of up to 2GB in size. The service company’s foundation marked in 2009, in the Netherlands. This file sharing platform is very easy to use and offer a unique user experience.

The process is simple. Step by step you could follow the guide. Firstly, You choose the file you want to send and attach it. Then you write the e-mail to which the file will be sent, as well as your own and optionally a short text to leave a message. Alternatively, in case you don’t know the email of the receiver, you could generate a WeTransfer link to copy and paste whenever you want. That would be particularly useful in the case you want to send the file to more than a few people.

More than a decate after the launch, we can consider this sharing application as vital for personal and professional use altogether. With their campaign “WePresent” many artists’s works are promoted, because the company supports the global art community. This award winning digital platform elevates, hence, global culture and visual artists from all over the world.

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