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Zoom is N. 1 in business preference

Up until about ten years ago, camera communication was done entirely through Skype, as it was the most popular video calling application. After its purchase by Microsoft, its decline began.

At the same time, in a saturated video calling market, Zoom made its appearance, seeking backers with great difficulty. But no one at the time could have imagined the sharp increase in users and profits that it would have today.

During the quarantine period, many people preferred Zoom to Skype, both companies and ordinary internet users, in order to get closer to their loved ones.

The differences of the two services are several as well as its similarities. They both have absolute security, as there is encryption. They offer a similar set of features such as screen sharing.

They are compatible with all operating systems. There are free plans on both, however, depending on one’s needs, a choice can be made between several plans.

In both Skype and Zoom there is the option to make a video call without creating an account.

The big difference between them is the number of participants in a video conference. Skype through Microsoft Teams can reach up to 100 people at no extra cost and up to 300 with payment.

Zoom, however, goes up to 100 for free and 1000 at an additional cost.


Author: Vlachogiannis L. George

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