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The new GR-IX::Athens platform

The National Network of Infrastructures for Research and Technology – Hellas (EDYTE S.A.), which belongs to the Ministry of Digital Governance, has upgraded the Internet by announcing the launch of GR-IX::Athens.

GR-IX is the Hellenic Internet Exchange, a national infrastructure that ensures neutrality and independence in the very operation of the Internet. It is a hub that enables Internet service providers, content providers, cloud service providers, etc. to connect and communicate with each other.

GR-IX has two independent islands, with a total of 4 POPs and 119 Ports, where 53 members in Athens (GR-IX::Athens) and 21 members in Thessaloniki (GR-IX::Thessaloniki) are connected.

The upgraded platform is based on EVPN/VXLAN architecture and can be connected to it with 1Gbps, 10Gbps, 100Gbps, or multiples of these ports. Finally,the interconnection capacity of the GR-IX::Athens PoPs has been upgraded, currently exceeding 1.7 Tbps.


Author: Vlachogiannis L. George

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