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The EU peeks at messages

In response to the threat of terrorism, France and Germany have proposed a law within the EU that would give police authorities in its member states the right to access encrypted messages they have sent. To make sure this happens, different developers would have to provide these authorities with the necessary decryption tools as needed.

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazenev and his German counterpart Thomas de Maiziere , stressed via a joint statement that encryption applied to apps like WhatsApp and Telegram makes the work of law enforcement authorities more difficult, unduly delaying investigations and surveillance of suspected terrorists.

The general belief is that terrorists use encryption to carry out illegal activities such as sex trafficking and arms sales. Intelligence officials from both the US and the EU say that encryption is, indeed, an important tool for terrorists. There are legitimate concerns from ministers and other authorities. Their suggestion is not unreasonable given that, for example, phone privacy can be lifted in some EU countries if ordered by a prosecutor. On the other hand, many countries still do not have stricter laws governing the use of such data. That means that companies will have more power to spy on their customers.

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