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The Best Android Apps

The Best Apps for Increasing Productivity on Android

With the use of our smartphones, anything is possible. The endless possibilities that a mobile device provides can create amazing experiences. As long as you’re aware of their capabilities and set your apps accordingly, you’ll have the chance to put your smartphone to great use.

There are many different apps for increasing productivity being more efficient. Some examples of these apps include:

Below, we’ll discuss some of the best apps in different categories.

Organization and activity lists : The first step in productivity is having a plan. Organization allows you to break down important tasks be more efficient. There are plenty of apps that can help you stay organized and make your day easier. Many of us monitor the changes in our schedule to keep on top of things. You can use it to create activities or notes, and you can also add lists.


Evernote offers so many features that make it easy to organize life – from taking notes to storing documents, images, sketches, lists, videos. It even allows you to save time by sharing notes or across multiple devices or accounts.

Key features of Evernote include being able to view your notes on multiple devices, plus the fact that all of your content is stored on the cloud.

-Google Keep

Evernote is a favorite app for a lot of people. But Google keeps it simple and easy to use with a few key features that will help you save time & get more done in less time every day.

The app allows us to change the color of each note label. It has a sharing feature which allows us to share notes with one another, and they can be viewed on any computer.


Microsoft has responded to the need for note-taking apps by bringing the OneNote, a simple note-taking app, to all mobile devices. With this app it’s easy to jot down ideas and make lists on the go! We couldn’t fail to mention the possibility of sharing your notes with others, as well as all of the other features OneNote has, such as editing text


We’ve all received a notification from our RSS Feed Reader for an article. YouTube videos are becoming a popular topic of conversation with friends. The videos we find there have done wonders for our lives and help us connect with others.

PWatching videos later is almost impossible, so we can just use Pocket to save it. The app allows us to save our favorite links (yes, we know they’re watching videos).

Unlike regular bookmarks, Pocket is a super-organized content storage tool. It lets you save articles, images, and videos for offline use.


Asana is a project management app that helps coordinate tasks among employees and collaborate with coworkers. It provides an easy interface for users to set deadlines, discuss individual projects, and assign specific tasks to team members.

We use Asana, a project management tool, which makes it possible for us to keep all important data online


Your best and easiest option for a digital assistant is Trello as it claims to be the best at any task, not just at home. The program allows you to focus on one task at a time since its goal is to provide convenience and simplicity.

Trello is a popular web app that helps organize tasks. It offers new capabilities, such as boards, and provides a multitude of storage options. It’s completely free, and even includes support for other online services like Google Drive and Dropbox.

-Any. DO

Any.DO is an app that helps you keep tabs on your daily life by creating lists and tasks for you. From a user’s perspective, the interface feels seamless and easy to use.

With its smart scheduling, the AI support can schedule calls with Grace. In this case it will open the calendar app automatically and schedule a call for that day.

Any.DO also works with a number of other tools and apps, including calendar, phone and email programs. Their voice search feature is quite useful too!


List-building apps definitely boost efficiency and save time. Any.DO is not the only one to provide this, understand that Wunderlist also offers a number of features that you’ll need when you’re organizing your day. It’s an app worth checking out if you don’t have time to get lost in all the features its competitors offer.

Tons of people have taken advantage of Wunderlist in order to schedule recurring activities and set deadlines through its desktop-friendly interface.


Although both apps offer an app that you can use to manage tasks, Todoist has many more features. It’s important to consider the view and function of these apps before committing to one.

Todoist is a tool that can help you schedule your entire week with minimal time and effort. The Smart Schedule feature lets you customize your scheduling based on the times of day that you usually stick to doing tasks. It even takes other factors like weather and holidays into account!

We use applications to share files with co-workers and manage them throughout the day. Multiple types of applications can make file creation, sharing, editing, and management easier than ever before.

Part of our productivity rises when using AI software. At work, it saves time and at home, it can be used to complete tasks that would otherwise take hours or days.

-WPS Office + PDF

We’re so confident with WPS Office that it’s our top recommendation for what you need in a mobile office suite. With more than 50 file types and local language support, it’s a truly powerful solution that can be found on nearly any device.

With WPS Office, you can view, edit and convert to PDF many file types. Plus, it also supports wireless printing from virtually any device, even your phone! It’s super quick as well — and it also has excellent data encryption capability. And remember that all your files are stored online using Dropbox or Google Drive.

In closing, we should mention the benefits of sharing documents through your device’s built-in wireless connectivity, such as NFC, DLNA or email. If you are unable to use these features, be sure to document any information that you don’t want others to see in a password-protected document.

-Adobe Acrobat Reader

PDF files are one of the most used formats these days. People are using them for various reasons, from job-related documents to presentations. And of course, Adobe Acrobat Reader is something that can help you with that too.

With our digital documents, we can add comments and make lists with different colors to help identify important points. We can also sign the document using a digital signature of our choosing.

Finally, this tool allows you to scan a document and have it automatically turned into a PDF.

-Xodo PDF Reader & Editor

Next app on the list is Xodo PDF Reader & Editor, which has a lot of features that make it the perfect option for your business. The package is lighter, requiring significantly less system resources than Adobe Acrobat Reader. With Xodo PDF you can sync your documents with Dropbox and still have all of your options available with this program


Storage is still a big issue in the sense that it will take up more space on our devices and cause us to constantly carry around more things. AI writing assistants are a way to help, but we still can’t forget about physical storage.

Business owners can benefit from the increased access to information and resources of their files using a cloud storage platform. With an all-platform and mobile-friendly app, anyone in your business can use it.

The user experience for using each of these products is simple and straightforward. There are convenient features that allow the file management tools and multi-device synchronization abilities to be managed at the same time.

-Google Drive

Google Drive is helpful for storing files, presentations and texts. It integrates with Google Docs, Projection & Drawings and can also be used as a file manager. In addition to that, it provides users with a central repository of work they’ve already done so they’re never left scrambling to find something again when wasting time on planning.

Google Drive has its own web page, allows for automatic synchronization of selected files & folders, and is available on every operating system. The interface here is pretty simple as well- it’s only a matter of clicking a button to get your job done.

Email and chat

As email is now the standard means of day-to-day communication, it’s important to consider the legal implications surrounding its use. Similarly, you should take care when sending information like confidential documents or emails to third parties.

An application that would allow you to access your email, wherever you are, would go a long way in increasing your productivity.

-Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft has recently brought its email service to our mobile phones via their Outlook app, which is very easy to use and eliminates the need for constant sorting and organizing.

The functions of the app are exactly the same as those provided through Microsoft Outlook website. One of Spectator’s most important features is email management. We already have the ability to manage our contacts, attachments and calendar right on the website. This allows us to stay productive even if you may be hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Microsoft Outlook is supported, but it’s not the only email program compatible with our app. The app also has support for Exchange, Office 365,, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and iCloud email accounts.

Outlook allows the simultaneous use of multiple email accounts (a very important element for productivity). The app also interacts with iOS and Android, making it a vital part of any work-related mobile device.

-Newton Mail – Email & Calendar

Another mail app that has recently come up is Newton Mail. Most people know it as CloudMagic. It looks very similar to the Microsoft mail & we would say the only noteworthy feature worth talking about is its scheduled messages function.

With the help of Newton Mail, you can schedule messages for certain times and even cancel them just in case something happens.

Designers of the app have also added security features to help ensure that only you can access it. They provide an option for two-step verification, which requires a numerical code that only you know in order to use the app. You can choose a four-digit code like my code above, or type anything you want.

In conclusion, email client clients are worth the price at most times.


Slack is an app that focuses on communication in your office. It has to be as productive as possible and provide a solution to the email chaos within the company.

This can be problematic if the number of conversations you’re sharing with your co-workers is too large, especially if they involve multiple people.

With this simple change, the number of chat channels you create is limited to one page. With this change, it becomes easier for business partners and team members to maintain conversations in one space all at once.

Sending files to Slack is really easy with Slack integration. Just drag and drop the file in the chat pane, or use voice chatting.

Work on the automatic

Sometimes we forget that we need to post on social media, but with AI automation tools you’re covered. You log in and select the channels that you want to send your message out to, and they’ll do all of the work for you!

Apps that automatically perform scheduled tasks like backups and email notifications are becoming significantly more popular than they used to be. It is now commonplace to see apps designed solely for increasing productivity without any worry.


IFTTT is the app you should use for automating your tasks on your phone – it works in a similar way to how apps work on mobile phones, and can save you a lot of time.

This is a great app which is very powerful and helpful. However, it can be challenging to learn how to use the features of each recipe. This doesn’t mean you should give up on using AI automation software, as each recipe comes with simple ready-made tasks.


Buffer is our social media assistant that helps us schedule posts throughout the day. Buffer is used on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

You can connect to up to four social media accounts and schedule up to 10 posts on those channels with our free account. You’ll get more advanced options if you choose one of our paid plans, like the Small Business plan.


And now another social media management app is Hootsuite, which boasts features like being able to manage YouTube account content and using the service that can shrink links & track clicks! The only difference between Buffer and Hootsuite is that Buffer does not have these features.

Buffer and Hootsuite are free and easy to use, so you should try them out! There’s just no reason not to, if you want to manage your social media marketing efficiently.

Calm and concentration

When we do work, the things that can distract us are anything & everything around us. Sometimes this doesn’t result in performance and quality output but more often than not it does. Special apps help you concentrate on your work without any distractions distraction

-Forest: Stay focused

Pomodoro’s technique has proven effective at increasing productivity. Those who use it in any way are sure to benefit from an improved work performance.

With Forest, we create a custom time duration and press the start button. A tree will grow while we’re in the program, monitoring it on our own device. When the timer goes off, we’ll get notified and be allowed back into our other apps. Setting an application or software as one of the allowed programs ensures security on your computer. Once that program is deleted, the timer for destroying a tree fully grows.

This app for plants is a brilliant new way to help the environment. It lets you up your game, makes updating easier and helps you earn a little bit of money too! By using it, you can also donate to our charity partner that benefits trees. TThe company,, makes sure their work is properly donated to their chosen organization


Noisli is a new app that combines sound environments such as rain and music with the Pomodoro technique. The app aims to help us maintain concentration during times when we need it most.

Research has shown that a lot of people tend to be more productive if they listen to sounds. Perhaps one works better if they work by listening to waves or the whistling of the wind.This app lets you pick a list of sounds to accompany you while Then, all we have to do is log into our profile, choose the activity we want to play, and customize when it begins and ends. The cost for our experience is just $1.99, with more features being added on regularly.


If you’re looking for a way to save time and increase productivity, then a good keyboard is the way to go. Data entry is done almost exclusively through it.

-SwiftKey Keyboard

The functions of keyboarding apps have evolved a lot. As of now, SwiftKey is the creator & innovator of the finger swipe mode which makes typing faster and easier to do. Now your fingers never have to leave their resting position as you glide across the screen and get your words down quick and easy. The article went live and got a lot of attention on social media almost immediately.

SwiftKey is a very popular keyboard that allows you to create unique text in minutes. This software has dozens of themes and features to allow you to create the perfect text. It has also gained notoriety due their extensive online storage capabilities, which can be saved on any device and accessed in seconds

The service provides support for over 150 languages and all of the benefits mentioned before. With it, you can even save your own words! It’s completely free as well and is a highly dependable tool as a writing assistant.

-Swype Keyboard

SwiftKey’s competitor, called Swype Keyboard, allows for a 30-day trial. The app will continue to work until the trial expires, but in order to continue using it after that, a one-time purchase is required

The Swype Keyboard has unique gestures that allow you to perform a variety of different functions with your phone by combining specific keys.


The revolutionary Gboard is undoubtedly the most talked-about mobile keyboard. Despite being easy to use & offering a lot of functionality, it is also officially available on Android devices.

The Gboard allows you to use GIF search, Google App Search support, and a slew of other features. Use the help of Google Assistant to search and insert anything you want, including any result into your text.

Other Applications

The applications mentioned below are categorized as an “unexpected” section. They all have their own benefits, but don’t fit into any of the above categories.

-Pushbullet – SMS on PC

Pushbullet is included on several lists related to productivity. One reason is that it can help you do tasks you would typically do on your phone from your computer.

Pushbullet is an application that helps to push your text messages, files, and notifications right onto your computer. It’s available for Android and iOS as well as the most popular browsers.

Access to the services provided by this app is free but the space you have for your texts is limited. However, for a small price of 46.33 €, you will get unlimited space & be able to customize all your text messages how you want.


Every day, people get distracted from their priorities by messages, games, and online browsing. That is why they can waste so much time & feel so frazzled and overwhelmed. That’s why finding a way to stay focused is important for your success.

RescueTime is an app that tracks our activity during the day and helps us get a better sense of where we are spending our time. It also offers insights into health & happiness related practices It records the apps we open and the pages we visit on the web. At the same time, RescueTime notes how much time we spent on each app and how long we spent browsing a website. This program allows you to access your data from anywhere, and it’s compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android. It also offers an add-on for Google Chrome and Firefox.

 -LastPass Password Manager

A password manager can save people time. People end up spending hours every month trying to remember and type passwords. Furthermore, they provide a significant level of protection. By using app, you can save effort and use your time in other ways. With LastPass we can store and manage all the passwords for our domains in one place, as well as having certain features built in like free 24/7 password changes.

The app has a built-in autofill function and helps with replacing login fields automatically.


Author: Vlachogiannis L. George

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