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TECHDAY 6 December Charles Martin Hall

Birthday of Charles Martin Hall | Inventor of a cheaper method producing aluminum | Techday, December 6th 

On this TECHDAY in history, on December 6th 1863, Charles Martin Hall was born. He was an American chemist, businessman, and inventor mainly known for his invention in 1886 of a cheaper method for producing aluminum. He fabricated most of his apparatus himself and prepared the chemicals, and he was assisted by his sister Julia Brainerd Hall. Aluminum went on to become the first metal to attain such widespread use and influence, since the discovery of iron that brought forth the Iron Age.

Hall formed the Hall Electrolytic Aluminium Company in 1888 and began mass-producing aluminum using his new process. He later sold the rights to the process for $20,000 and used the proceeds to start the Research Corporation for the Advancement of Science.

It is worth mentioning that while Hall discovered electrolytic method, Paul Héroult independently discovered the same process in France. Both of them are credited for the discovery.

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