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TECHDAY 28 September Supercomputers Pioneer

Birthday of supercomputers pioneer Seymour Cray | Techday, September 28th 

On this TECHDAY in history, on September 28th 1925, was the birthday of the “father of supercomputers”, Seymour Cray. He was an American-born electrical engineer, and a computer architect who had on his track record numerous supercomputers that were the fastest in the world at the time.  Cray Research, his own company, built most of them.

He is one of the pioneers of supercomputing, known for his work on the Control Data Corporation (CDC) 6600 and CDC 7600. These models were among the first supercomputers ever built.

At CDC, Cray worked on the CDC 6600, which was the first computer to exceed one million instructions per second. The CDC 7600, released in 1969, was even more powerful.  Many government and research organizations used it for scientific and engineering applications.

Cray’s work on supercomputers had a major impact on the field of high-performance computing. Even other computer manufacturers widely adopted his designs. He died on October 5, 1996, but his legacy lives on in the many supercomputers that continue to be developed and used today.

This was just a snapshot on the presentation of the techday series. Gather more information on the supercomputers pioneer. Indulge into the history by further reading more.

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