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TECHDAY 25 November Roxio acquires Napster assets

The Roxio acquisition | Roxio acquires Napster assets | Techday, November 25th

On this TECHDAY in history, on November 25th 2002, Roxio acquires Napster assets. The digital media software company buyed out Napster assets which was on the verge of bankruptcy. These included Napster’s name and logo, domain name and technology assets, and other intellectual properties. Napster was a popular peer-to-peer filesharing service that made big waves in the music industry but was forced into the corner due to legal troubles.

Roxio paid $5 million for the Napster brand and its customer base, as well as the rights to use the Napster name and logo. The acquisition allowed Roxio to re-launch Napster as a legal, subscription-based music service. The new Napster offered a library of over 8 million songs and was compatible with a wide range of devices, including computers, smartphones, and home entertainment systems. The re-launch was well received by music fans and industry experts, and helped to establish Roxio as a major player in the digital music market.

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