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TECHDAY 24 January Arrival of Macintosh

Arrival of Macintosh | Techday, January 24th 

When Apple launched its first Macintosh computer on this TECHDAY in history, back on January 24th 1984, it did so with a smart media campaign. Their marketing campaign included a TV ad, shown during the Super Bowl and a public demonstration as well. The product’s price tag was around 2.500 dollars.

Preceding the Macintosh era, during late 1970s, the company produced and distributed another computer line. Most notable models were the Apple II, as one of the most popular computers on the market antagonizing the IBM PC, and later on the Apple Lisa.

The revolutionary Macintosh’s graphical user interface led to its rapid adoption in education, desktop publishing and graphic design. While the Macintosh was never as commercially successful as Microsoft’s DOS and Windows software, there is no doubt that it pushed the entire computing industry ahead and continues to do so to this day.

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