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TECHDAY 22 January Apple’s cinematic commercial

Apple’s cinematic commercial | 1984 SuperBowl Commercial | Techday, January 22nd

On this TECHDAY in history, on January 22nd 1984, one of the most famous commercials in the history of computers was shown during the Super Bowl break. It was the one-minute video “1984”, directed by Ridley Scott for the Macintosh promotion. This Cannes award-winning commercial was a nod to George Orwell’s masterpiece of the same name.

In one interpretation the Macintosh was essentially presented as the modern that tore down the old, conservative and, of course, fascist “Big Brother”, that implicitly but clearly pointed to IBM. The unnamed heroine with the white tank top and computer logo represents the saving of humanity from conformity. The images, evidently make an allusion to the dystopic novel of George Orwell.

Apple’s commercial, the 1984, was considered a grand masterpiece in advertising. Indeed, it has attained top position on the list of 50 greatest advertisements of all times. Exciting!

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