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TECHDAY 21 January 1976 Concorde airplane takes flight!

Concorde airplane takes flight! | Techday, January 21st

Commercial flights with the Concorde airplane began on this TECHDAY in history, on January 21st 1976, with the London–Bahrain and Paris–Rio de Janeiro (via Dakar) routes. The only commercial supersonic passenger air transport, the Concorde could travel between New York and London in about 3.5 hours. It flew for 27 years and was retired from service in 2003.

Supersonic flights more than halved the flight times. When Concorde entered service on this techday, the only notable active competitor was the Tupolev Tu-144. Boeing 2707 got cancelled a few years earlier, back in 1971.

Concorde pioneered and introduced many innovating technologies. These technologies mostly focused on optimising  the flight by saving weight while increasing speed and overall performance. For example, some features include a variable engine air intake system, supercruise capability and form factor with shaped wings. For optimun fuel consumption Concorde aimed at efficient cruising with turbojet engines, high pressure hydroaulic system and no auxiliary power unit.

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