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Thomson MO6 | TechMuseum 
Year of manufacture: 1986

Technical Specifications:

  • Processor: Motorola MC 6809e, 1 MHz
  • RAM: 128 KB
  • FDD: –
  • HDD: –
  • Audio: Seven octaves , three channels
  • Connectors/Ports: Cartridge slot, RGB, bus,  light pen, cassette, parallel, joystick, mouse, audio
  • Case: Keyboard type
  • Monitor: Color
  • OS: BASIC 128

The Thomson MO6 features a Motorola MC 6809e processor at 1 MHz and memory of 128kB. It ran with the operating system of the BASIC 128 version.

Thomson merged with General Electric Company soon after the founding with divisions headquartered in France. In the beginning of 1980s the company saw nationalization due to Prime Minister’s efforts. During the next decade the joint structure split and part met privatization once again. Thomson Multimedia then continued more or less in the same divisions.

The Thomson Mxx home computer series was rather short lived. Later models, like the M05 and M06 ones, featured many improvements hardware and software wise. For example, graphic capabilities expanded with new graphics chip and extra video modes added as well.

That was just a snapshot on the presentation of the techmuseum series. Indulge more into the history. Continue reading more about the present model, the Thomson MO6 here. Alternatively, find more exciting stories like this one here.

The World of Technology

The World of Technology
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