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Most popular searches for 2021

The impact of the pandemic has been reflected not only in our mood but also in our Google searches.

In particular, the list includes:

  1. eClass
  2. Survivor spoiler
  5. euro 2020
  6. Cases today
  7. Mad Clip
  1. Sasmos
  2. Vaccination certificate
  3. Dimitris Lignadis

Greek MeToo as well as tennis influenced our celebrity searches:

The list includes:

1.Dimitris Lignadis

  1. Filippidis Petros
  2. Stefanos Tsitsipas
  3. Iliana Aravi
  4. Giorgos Kimoulis
  5. Maria Sakkari
  6. Tasos Xiarcho
  7. Menios Fourthiotis
  8. Sofia Bekatorou
  9. Lamanif


Several celebrity deaths made us look for them as well, with Mad Clip and Mikis Theodorakis, who passed away on the same day, holding the top spot.

Here we meet them/them:


1.Mad Clip

  1. Fofi Gennimata
  2. Mikis Theodorakis
  3. George Karaivaz
  4. Tolis Voskopoulos
  5. Demeter of Lesvos
  6. DMX
  7. Takis Mousafiris
  8. Prince Philip
  9. Gelly Mavropoulou

It goes without saying that a coronavirus list could not be absent when the pandemic has affected and continues to affect our lives on a daily basis. Let’s hope this was the last year.


  2. Daily Cases
  3. Vaccination certificate
  4. Rapid test
  5. New measures
  6. Freedom Pass
  7. Prevention of Covid-19
  8. Vaccine appointment
  9. AstraZeneca
  10. Covid-19 school card


In the “What is” list, the top spot was taken by Aspreger syndrome which was reported this year by Greek and foreign celebrities, as well as myocarditis as it was rumored to be a possible side effect of the COVID-19 vaccine.

And finally the list of current affairs:

  1. Glika Nera
  2. Census 2021
  3. Refundable advance payment
  4. Fire
  5. Heating allowance
  6. New measures
  7. Digital care
  8. Earthquake now
  9. Barbary
  10. Mad Clip rolling


Author: Vlachogiannis L. George

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