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International Exhibition – Electronica

International Exhibition of Electronic Data, Systems and Applications

08.11.2016 – 11.11.2016 – Munich, Germany

Electronica is the world’s largest and oldest trade fair in the field of electronics. Since 1964, it has been organised every two years by Munich Exhibition Centre. Every year it switches with Productronica, the International Trade Fair for the Production of Electronic Components and Components, as a way to refresh its structure and topics.

At the exhibition, there are a lot of events and seminars about different themes. As every year with no exception the exhibition covers various topics. Only to note some of them, we should make a reference of Electronica embedded, Electronica wireless, Electronica automotive, smart energy solutions and micro-nano-systems. To these last ones the organising committee has included the hybridica hybrid systems fair since 2014. Another notable fact is the following. This Fair has been taking place recurrently all these years in Munich since the first time in 2008.

The time has come for yet another International Exhibition on Electronic Data, Systems and Applications. We are certainly excited, what about you?

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You can visit the official site of Electronica Exhibition through this link:ย

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