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Galaxy Watch 4 with Google Assistant

User can now use their Assistant through the app with a touch and hold of the home button. Today’s new update allows for more convenient access to Google Pay for use at your fingertips. However, according to the official page of the update, Samsung has stated that the update is only available in 10 countries which does not include Greece.

Samsung recently announced that their upcoming Galaxy Watch with Google Assistant compatibility will be released in the summer of this year and is set to debut on the latest hardware from Google and Samsung. Patrick Chomet, vice president of product and experience at Samsung, noted that the voice assistant will provide “faster and more natural voice interactions” to help make smartphones more accessible.

Samsung said in their latest update that Spotify content control will be available through Google Assistant and that other third-party apps are in the works. They also mentioned that their devices will be optimized for Samsung Galaxy Watch series later this year.

Galaxy Watch 4 owners have long been able to sideload Google Assistant. However, official support makes it easier for most people to start using the feature without having to deal with any additional traffic. The announcement of the new and updated Wear OS comes as Samsung is getting ready to ditch Tizen in favor of using it exclusively on their wearables. The development will be greatly beneficial for the platform, creating a unique user experience that can’t be found anywhere else.

Author: Vlachogiannis L. George

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