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Tips and tricks for Facebook

Key way to find someone on Facebook is by entering their full name in the search field. But if they have created a different account with a variation or even with another name, the service’s “we only use our real name” principle will not work. If you have that person’s phone number, things could get a little easier. Alternatively, you can search by their email address. Although you might not find them this way either. Make sure they haven’t messaged their number to you on Gmail in case you’re really out of luck!

Once you find the mobile number, you can search with it on Facebook by entering it at

You can change your contact preferences on Facebook, or WhatsApp if you’re using the Facebook app for it, at For those who cannot see your phone number because it is on the “Everyone” setting, go back and change it to “Who can find you based on the phone number you provided?” If you want more people to know your phone number, make it visible on your Facebook page. If you would rather keep your private information more protected, change the setting so that only those who currently have Facebook pages in common can find you. For example, we found that viewing the mobile number was restricted to “Family” (a group the user creates with selected members as an audience of some posts), however, searching the number led to the correct user’s page.

Also, did you know that Facebook Inc. doesn’t allow contact exporting from the service? However, they might be shared with other partner services (e.g. Yahoo, but not Google or WhatsApp for example).


Author: Vlachogiannis L. George

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