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New USB-C connector

New USB-C connector

Despite Apple’s previous claims to support the industry standard, USB-C while maintaining older connector options, they have been less than forthcoming in terms of providing clear details on when they plan to adopt USB-C. As the months go by and pressure mounts on Apple, implementing USB-C becomes a real concern. The European Parliament voted in favor of a new law that will effectively make all electronic device manufacturers comply with their new USB-C connector. Now, these devices will only be allowed to be sold if they adhere to the specific designs and requirements of Europe.

Some companies have begun to roll out new smartphones and equipment. The USB-C connector will become standard in the newest devices. Companies should, thus, be proactive when hiring new employees or updating their workstations and devices. All devices are obligated to have a USB-C connector. An official justification from the government for the new legislation is to reduce e-waste and make it easier for people to go about their daily lives. They are trying to standardize an electronic charger used by most of their devices.

The EU is pushing for national producers to include clearer labeling to help consumers make better informed choices about the products they buy. By 2026, the EU hopes to work out all the wireless charging issues and prevent fragmentation. They want a wireless world where all people have access to the same fast charging products. Also, they hope that it will reduce e-waste because everyone would be using one type of charger.

The European Parliament will soon auction the final directive. Εach EU Member State will be up to date on progress. Allowing them to implement progress into law soon after.

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The World of Technology

The World of Technology
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