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TECHDAY 27 August Announcement of Presario

Presario launch | Compaq’s line of computers | Techday, August 27th 

On this TECHDAY in history, on August 27th 1993, Compaq announced a new line of personal computers, the Presario, which became synonymous with the company’s home desktop and laptop PCs in the years ahead. Targeted and inspired by Apple, Compaq’s Presario aimed at the entry level user. The company targeted the consumer that wanted a complete, affordable and functional computer at the touch of a button. The first of the Presario line was the 425, which would hit the stores in October of that year.

The first models were released in September 1993, and they quickly became popular due to their combination of affordability, reliability and performance. The Presario line included a wide range of models, from budget friendly desktops to high-end laptops. Some models featured cutting-edge technology such as DVD-ROM drives and built-in modems, while others were more basic and targeted towards budget conscious consumers.

Compaq marketed the Presario line as being easy to use, with features such as simple setup and an intuitive user interface. Despite the success of the Presario line, Compaq eventually phased it out in favor of other product lines.

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