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Zenith Z-150 | TechMuseum 
Year of Manufacture: 1984

Technical Specifications:

  • Monitor: Monochrome, LCD 128×480
  • CPU: Intel 80C88, 4 MHz
  • RAM: 32 KB
  • Storage Units: (external FDD)
  • Connectability: Serial, handset, parallel, bar code reader, cassette tape, telephone, system bus, acoustic coupler
  • Keyboard: 75 keys
  • Weight: 3.4 kgr
  • OS: MS-DOS 2.11

The Zenith Z-150 has an Intel 80C88 processor at 4 MHz and memory of 32kB. Equipped with a floppy disk it ran with the operating system of the MS DOS 2.11 version.

Zenith was an American electronics company involved in various divisions. Among them was consumers electronics, portable computers, keyboards, televisions, receivers and radio equipment. The fledgling company pioneered in high quality shortwave radios and wireless remote control. Automobile radios were added back in 1930s and during the 1940s followed along the remote control and FM multiplex stereo. Another great innovation were the flat face picture tubes and multichannel television stereo system, along with HDTV digital system implementation.

During the 1970s sales plunged due to violation of Anti-Dumping Act, American antitrust laws. Zenith met great financial difficulties, because a large market share portion based on the Japanese market. Zenith filed a suit against Japanese companies with millions of dollars allocated there, but in the end the court favored the Japanese defendants.

That was just a snapshot on the presentation of the techmuseum series. Indulge more into the history. Continue reading more about the present model, the Zenith Z-150 here. Alternatively, find more exciting stories like this one here.

The World of Technology

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