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PC.GR Black Friday 2022

PC.GR, wishing to inform its visitors about technology offers, will list below vendors with the best offers on this festive day, Black Friday.

If you have a business and want to promote products and offers for Black Friday through advertising, you can contact us and inquire at the link.

Top Black Friday vendors list

Tracing the origins

Regarding this world-famous discount day, it was established in the mid-20th century. First appearing in America, its celebration was set for the day after Thanksgiving, the last Friday in November. This day marked the beginning of the Christmas holiday season. Over the years it has evolved as the biggest shopping custom in the US in particular.

The origin of the name is not exactly known, however many renditions have been made. One possibility refers to the red and black sheet of ledgers. The red one marked days with a negative balance sheet, while the black one marked those with a positive balance sheet, meaning the highly profitable days. The day in question was symbolically ‘black’ because of the large net profit margins on sales.

Another story describes the indescribable traffic on the streets of Philadelphia, USA. We still see a similar picture today. On that day, the Black Friday, there is a consumer frenzy and every year without exception we receive news of trampling in shopping centres, unfortunately even with losses. Another unpleasant phenomenon of the day is consumers camping outside stores. This disappointing image, even in cold weather, forms as early as the day before to ensure the availability of products.

Black Friday in Greece

In Greece, fortunately, such extreme events have not occurred so far. The American holiday became known to Greek consumers from 2015 onwards. The first companies that pioneered and introduced to consumers this shopping custom were Public, JYSK and Axel. However, this day has always been about discounting prices on technology and household appliances.

On the opposite side of Black Friday is Cyber Monday, which in the last fifteen years has only just become established. It mainly concerns those who hadn’t had time to do their shopping after Thanksgiving and find equally well-priced products based on stock availability, especially after the Friday panic.

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