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Tips and tricks for YouTube

YouTube features for both the desktop and mobile versions.

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1) These videos, about YouTube’s mobile app, mention a recent feature that allows users to view several related videos on their screen by tapping on the one they’re watching in fullscreen.

2) Recently, mobile users can double-tap anywhere on the screen and use quick shortcuts like fast-forwarding and rewinding. All you need to do is to double-tap left or right, then you’ll be able to go forward or back by 10 seconds respectively.

3) The Variable speed feature for mobile: Users have been able to change the playback speed for a while now on computers. Now, thanks to this, the same feature is available on mobile so you can enjoy your favorite videos in whichever way suits you best.

4) Dark Theme for PC: a feature on the youtube website, Dark Theme reduces the brightness is meant to allow you to focus on the actual colors of videos. It turns YouTube’s background to black and prevents it from blinding your eyes.

5)When viewing videos on the desktop website, hovering your mouse over a thumbnail will give you an instant preview of the video. This allows you to see what type of content is being uploaded and makes it easy to find the best content when scrolling through thumbnails.

6) Avoid the risk of getting caught by your boss and focus on making more videos by keeping them in one place – the “Watch later” library. Here’s how: tap the clock icon on either a video thumbnail or below a video to save it.

7)Share a video at a specific timestamp

8) Would you like to go somewhere you can’t? Experience 360-degree videos on YouTube for free. You can go for a swim in the ocean with sharks, watch live as dinosaurs roam the Natural History Museum in London, or watch Tritonal wherever you are.

9) Watch Virtual Reality content: click on ‘Cardboard’ and use your mobile phone to navigate the video and have a more immersive viewing experience.

10) Add quotation marks to search for a single term, or use plus or minus sign to include or exclude results.

โ— You have to add “allintitle” to the search engine’s keywords for it to include all of them. If you’re looking for HD content, just type in “HD” and specify that you want high definition results. If you want 3D movies, add “3D”.

โ—Add the word “channel” or “playlist” to your search query.

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11)YouTube offers a wide range of video formats: 144p up to 8K. Selecting the quality is as easy as highlighting the video settings in your player. You then choose the desired video quality.

12)”Play yoga videos on TV” โ†’ With Google Home and Android TV, you can find your favorite YouTube videos and watch them on the big screen. Alternatively, you can find a video to play right in the Google Home app.

13)You can watch YouTube on TV from your phone, tablet, computer or Google Home. Simply download the app and connect to your TV. You can use voice commands to control what you watch! Ensure that your mobile device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your TV. Try telling Google Home “Ok Google, play yoga videos on TV.”

14) Watch videos with subtitles. It’s easy to change the subtitle language or to auto-translate if this isn’t in your own language.

15) Buy or rent movies on YouTube. Watch new releases and hit the theaters. Plus, rent the latest and greatest award-winning movies too.

16) YouTube Music, YouTube Games and YouTube Kids (formerly YouTube Gaming). For gamers out there, you can also now try the YouTube Gaming. YouTube offers a family-focused app called Youtube Kids.

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