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Most Popular Websites Today

Since it’s the beginning of the year and we’re always looking forward to what’s coming up next, we thought it would be best to share with you 47 most popular websites that every gadgetaholic should have bookmarked.

Technology has invaded every part of our daily lives and to make the most out of it, we should have as many useful bookmarks. We’ve got 47 suggestions for you to browse. Enjoy the long list of the most popular websites today!

1. –To see the practical aspect of your favorite devices.

2. – To get prices under control and to buy cheaper things

3. – The article discusses the effects of technology on our lives and how this history is written within it.

4. – Companies like Google and Facebook as well as many leading minds in technology are using it. In doing so, they open a door to leaks of their future devices

5. – If you are a photo lover, this is the place to post pictures you have taken with your favorite gadget.

6. –Socializing and communicating have become daily functions, the corresponding app has inevitably become a staple of our smartphone.

7. – We shouldn’t neglect a great company because of our own personal bias.

8. – Few companies are more recognizable than the pioneers of the smartphone.

10. – When people are shopping for electronics online, the first company that often comes to mind is Amazon.

11. – Ebay is a great place to find items but if you don’t want to rely on that there are alternatives.

12. – The safest way to pay for our gadgets.

13. – One of the most trusted technology news websites. The breadth of their coverage includes an updated list of smartphones and their noteworthy features.

14. – provides a lot of versatile information, but we like the quality that [website] offers.

15. – Just like other technological information

16. Τ – Here is a digestible summary of all new research, technology and findings.

17. PC enthusiasts and power users will love these features.

18. -The first ever TED conference was a technology, entertainment and design event. However, today’s TED gathers people from all different walks of life to share an idea.

19. -A recent study done by the University of Toronto found that using an AI-powered speech recognition tool led subjects to remember more information that they had learned, and did better at identifying auditory information that wasn’t explicitly given.

20. -Many of the technologies we use today were developed for use in space. Go experience them first hand.

21. – Games have always been about wishing for what’s to come, and this console wishes are the best we’ve seen yet.

22. – IIf you want to stay on top of all the latest discounts and offers for your favorite games

23. – The best and most cost-efficient solution for many gamers is still a personal computer, which provides more flexibility and control.

24. – This game is a very famous online shooter where you control tanks, whether they are classic or modern.

25. – I have several files in my account of this cloud service.

26. -There are many ways to communicate with people from around the world and the internet is available on so many devices.

27. -It’s true. We don’t always have a notebook and pen with us when it comes time to take notes.

28. – Keeping up to date on your device’s antivirus will protect you from viruses. Make sure you keep it updated, and install any security software your PC has.

29. – Over the past few years, video streaming platforms have boomed and we are now seeing this tech on more devices as well. Here you can find content from any era – whether it’s something old, new or anything in-between.

30. – This is the best place to learn more about new mobile phone software and what is coming up next.

31. – The internet is an incredible resource that lets us know as much information as possible. With the Internet of Things (IOT) developments, we now have an even greater knowledge of what we need to know. Many people use gmail as their email service, often with the support of a smartphone or tablet.

33. Everybody nowadays looks at online maps before they set out on trips

34. -One of the most effective ways to understand a destination is through its people, places and history – and we need to consider them all before venturing off.

35. – The alternative way to find a hotel on holiday, among the most popular websites for hospitality.

36. – Why technology and gadgets have become one with cars.

37. – Sometimes you want to be informed in Greek about your favorite games

38. – Acalliphotographer provides information about the art of photography including some of the basics.

39. – Watch your favorite gamers stream while they are playing and support them

40. – The most trusted movie platform with reviews is IMDb.

41. – If you’ve been itching for the next big thing in science and tech, you might be interested to know about nanotechnology. It’s all about harnessing the power of atoms and molecules to create things at an incredibly small level that are totally mind-blowing.

42. – Yet another great resource for tech news.

43. – A website where you can find everything and discuss anything, in addition to tech news.

44. – Google is looking for ways to make a search engine that works without internet

45. – With this search engine you wont be afraid for your personal data to be stolen.

46. – If you enjoy a little bit too much using your drone then this website is for you

47. – If you are a photography lover then this website is for you. It has one of the biggest frotography communities.

Here were the top 50 most popular websites today. How many of them do you use?
Which of them do you prefer?

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The World of Technology

The World of Technology
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