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TECHDAY 30 September Microsoft Excel’s first launch

Microsoft Excel launch | Techday, September 30th 

On this TECHDAY in history, on September 30th 1985, Microsoft Excel’s first launch was marked! Excel, the first serious competitor to Lotus 1-2-3, was introduced in a 512k Macintosh version. Microsoft’s spreadsheet application would not pose a serious challenge until the proliferation of Windows a few years later, when it would not only displace Lotus 1-2-3, but would dominate to this day, becoming an equally, if not more, successful app.

Excel allows users to create and edit spreadsheets with a variety of data types, including numbers, text, and dates. It also includes a wide range of functions and formulas for performing calculations and analyzing data. Users can also create charts and graphs to visualize data, and perform advanced data analysis using tools such as pivot tables and macros.

Overall, Excel has become an essential tool for many businesses and organizations, and continues to evolve with new features and capabilities. With the launch of Excel, Microsoft has set the standard for spreadsheet software and has become a household name in the world of productivity tools.

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