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TECHDAY 30 May 1987 Introduction of CD Video

Introduction of CD Video | Techday, May 30th 

On this TECHDAY, on May 30th, Philips introduced another Compact Disc format, the CD Video, also known as CDV, CD-V and CD+V. This format was developed by the same company that developed the Laser Disc a few years earlier, and is a synthesis of the Compact Disc with it. More specifically, a CDV disc is identical to the 12cm diameter Compact Disc except that it contains, in addition to digital music files, a few minutes of analogue video. It requires the use of a special Laser Disc player to play it. To distinguish them from ordinary CDs, CDVs came with a gold coloured sticker on their packaging. The disc was also painted in the same gold color, unlike the silver of the plain CDs.

Overall, Video Compact Disc (VCD) was an early attempt to bring video recording to the consumer level in an affordable and relatively easy-to-use way, however, it was a precursor to other more advanced and better quality formats such as DVD and later Blu-ray.

This was just a snapshot on the presentation of the techday series. Gather more information on the matter. Indulge into the history by further reading more.

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The World of Technology

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