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TECHDAY 1 June Thomas Edison first patent

Thomas Edison first patent | Techday, June 1st 

One of America’s most famous inventors, Thomas Edison, got his first patent on this TECHDAY in history, on June 1st 1869. The device was called the “electrographic vote recorder”. It would record a legislator’s opinion of yes or no. He executed his application on 13 November of the previous year. He filed for the patent to the U.S. Patent Office on November 28th 1868 (No. 90646).

The electric vote recorder consisted of a number of switches, each corresponding to a different representative or senator. For a representative or senator to vote, they would press a switch, which would send an electric current through a wire to a central counting station. This would register the vote and also indicate which representative or senator had voted.

The Congress didn’t adopt Edison’s invention, but it did catch the attention of a group of investors who saw potential in the invention. They provided Edison with funding to continue his research and development, and Edison went on to file several more patents for electrical devices.

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