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Digital Signature

What is a digital signature?

A digital signature is like a physical signature in the digital world. Basically, when someone signs something using their natural signature, the same applies to their electronic files in public tenders and online transactions.

What exactly is the role of the Digital Signature?

The use of a digital signature replaces the need to go through tedious paperwork and validate documents. This digital signature process is done by way of a USB token and the corresponding software. The process is pretty simple. The sender creates the message or document, then uses a token which is also called a private key to attach the digital signature. This ensures that it’s practically impossible for anyone else to sign with your name.

A Digital Signature offers peace of mind that an electronic document has not been tampered with. Signing digitally with a USB Token makes it even more reliable because of its portability. The question is how verification happens. The recipient of a document or message receives a digital signature showing the user’s name and status.

The recipient of the message sends it first and then looks up the sender’s public key. This process is done automatically and there are public keys available electronically via the PKI. The public key is a vital tool to confirm that a sender’s digital signature has not been revoked and is genuine.


Author: Vlachogiannis L. George

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