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It is crucial for businesses to be active on social media marketing and management. Buffer can help companies build brands and trademarks on products and grow their business on social media. With branches in 22 countries they serve more than 140,000 users worldwide. They handle contracts building a trusted personal relationship, while building quality products. They reportedly, represent an alternative, diverse community commiting to transparency, positivity, solidarity.

Some of the most important services of Buffer are:

  • creating posts,
  • engaging with followers,
  • analyzing your business’ social media performance.

All marketing tools provided by the value driven company are affordable, effective to grow the business’ audience. After an analysis of the business’ social media performance, Buffer would offer a plan. Much attention would be spent on engagement rate, clicks, comments, new followers, posts (and reposts) etc. Consistent analytics would form a report with all the account metrics.

The main and obvious feature of Buffer is to post across multiple social media, at the touch of a button. Yet beyond that, you can also set up scheduled posts in advance so they go up at the time of your choosing.

You can sign up for free here:ย

There is a 14-days trial with registration not requiring a credit card. Cancellation is available at any time.

Find out more:ย

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The World of Technology

The World of Technology
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