Security and access

Safety codes in everyday life for 2021


Nordpass researchers revealed the most frequent and less secure passwords for 2021. The survey was conducted in 50 countries worldwide.

Users seem to love easy passwords and especially those that consist only of numbers or letters.

In detail, within the Top 3, are the following codes:

  1. 123456
  2. 123456789
  3. Qwerty

Quite a large number of people are used to using their name as a password.

There are many, however, those who prefer instead of a name to use insults or names of animals with the "dolphin" being the No. 1 choice. But there are also those who prefer their favorite team or surname.

All of the above passwords have been judged low security codes as they can be easily hacked.

Author: Vlachogiannis L. Georgios