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An Apple Watch better than ever

Apple confirmed that its next Watch will have ‘minimal design changes’. Morelike the information that tipsters gave earlier.

Lots of reports suggested an Apple Watch Series 7 with a flat-edged design, but this eventually arrived with more rounded sides and a larger display. Reported by ShrimpApplePro, a future model of the watch – most likely the 8th series – could bring some fresh new features. Without specifying whether it’s meant for the watch 7 or 8, FrontPageTech mentioned that Apple might introduce a flat-screen watch this year.

Apple just created new renders to give us a better idea of what the watch might look like. The design, combined with rumours about the added health benefits, could make it the best smartwatch in 2019. Reports say the Series 8 Watch may offer extended features related to heart health, including an atrial fibrillation monitor and a body temperature sensor.

The new wearable could offer a new “low power” mode to help improve battery life. There are three different possible sizes and the watch is also said to be avialable in two variants – one for budget-conscious customers and the other, more durable model, for athletes.

Author: Vlachogiannis L. George

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