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6G is coming

5G may have come relatively recently to Greece, but the sixth generation of connectivity (6G) is already being planned in major research centres around the world and promises to be 100 times faster than its 5G ancestor. But considering that the 5G network is not yet widespread, 6G is estimated to appear in 2030 or early next decade, continuing the tradition of each generation coming out 10 years after the previous one with 3G appearing in 2000, 4G in 2010 and 5G in 2020.

But apart from faster speeds, what else will 6G offer that will make it a worthy replacement for 5G? According to German researchers Andrei Stoika and Giuseppe Ambro from the German University of Bremen, 6G will be a driving force for a whole new generation of applications and intelligence. For example, it will allow smart actors/actors to communicate and negotiate complex problems in real time, such as informing self-driving vehicles of the future about the passage of pedestrians or bicycles or other self-driving vehicles in order to reduce both risk and travel time.

We may have to wait 10 years before we get a taste of it but one thing is for sure, technology is changing and we will see even more leaps and bounds before then.


Author: Vlachogiannis L. George

World of Technology
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